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List word May 9, 2007

Posted by Dedy Rustandi in English.

Daftar kata-kata yang masih belum tahu artinya :

1. amend = correct, revise
ex : The congress amended the proposal in order to make it more comprehensive
2. allot = allocate
ex : The moderator allotted 30 minutes to each speaker at the conference
3. defer = suspend
ex : Mr forrester deferred paying the bills until he got paid
4. incur = substantial
ex : The corporation incurred substantial losses during the stock market crash
5. endorse = authorize (mensahkan/mendukung)
ex : Please andorse the check and deposit it into your account
6. profess = confess,declare
ex : The CEO professed ignorance of current affairs
7. refurbish = renovate,reform
ex : The office has been more comfortable ever since it was refurbished
8. prescribe = stipulate,prescription (menyuruh)
ex : The manufacturer prescribed a date of payment and a price
9. deduct = deductible (mengurangi)
ex : A poor location deducts from the value of a business
10. waive = meninggalkan
ex : The judge decided to waive the law in the case due to special circumstances
11. enact = take effect,enforce, bill (menjadikan)
ex : The senate approved and enacted the tax reform bill
12. flatter = compliment (merayu)
ex : Jack is trying to get promoted
13. exhaust = consume
ex : The department exhausted its budget before the end of the month
14. spare = senggang
ex : Barry spared Denise the trouble of going on the business trip and went in her place
15. surpass = (melebihi)
ex : The document is so technical that it surpasses comprehension



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